Idea Alphabet - Jordan Blyth

A series of typographic observations, based on each letter of the English alphabet.


Cesar Kuriyama has been recording one second of every day of his life for the past two years. The One Second Project has had a profoundly positive impact on his life, Cesar says, and he’s developed an app so that others can create one-second memories of their lives every day too.

Check it out—-and watch his TED talk too.

(Source: SwissMiss)


TwoPoints.Net   |

“We solved the orientation problem with a color system that is divided in three subsystems according to the three modules (A, B and C) of the building. Vertical color stripes break the monotony of the long corridors with form and color and give them liveliness. In order to make orientation easier we implemented typographic installations in different places of the building.”

TwoPoints.Net is a small company that thinks big. Not just in terms of international clientele, but with their network as well. This network includes musicians, photographers, software developers and writers, among many others. The core of TwoPoints.Net’s network is directed by Lupi Asensio and Martin Lorenz, two graphic designers with German, Dutch and Spanish education and experience

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y jvnk:

A Love of Typography.


A Love of Typography.


Tomski & Polanski    |

“Limited edition packaging for Cakebreak’s discerning customer.”

Welcome to our page and please make yourself at home… just don’t draw on the walls please. Here you can see some examples of our work. In case you want to see more, send us an email and we can show you a PDF presentation and maybe have a chat with you.

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